Apple Tree Net


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Our Apple Tree Net is a high-density polyethylene knitted yarn net that is used to protect your apple trees from bird damage. This netting is available in 3 grade levels: Easy Fit, Flex Premium, and Flex Super Premium. This product has built in UV stabilizers and is non-abrasive, making it easier on your tree. The apple tree net is applied from bags, and is a flexible and easier to handle option compared to extruded plastic nets.


  • Brand: Bare Hand
  • Size: Various
  • Material:  HDPE
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  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) knitted yarns
  • CIBA Specialty Chemicals used for UV stabilization
  • Rip-stop construction makes for strong netting
  • Natural green color blends in with vines and other plants
  • Premium netting can last 3 or more growing seasons
  • Super Premium nets can last 6 or more growing seasons
  • Non-abrasive knitted mesh is easy on grapes, berries, etc
  • More flexible and easier to handle than extruded plastic nets
  • Applied from bags - no rolls, spools or cores


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You Can Protect Your Fruit Trees From Birds And Still Enjoy Watching Birds

If you have been busy growing your own fruit trees, you know all too well how gratifying it is for most gardeners. The downside, all of a sudden birds and other animals have shown up from nowhere stealing the fruits from the trees you've worked so hard to care for. Birds are only doing what comes naturally, but with some good ideas, you can take care of both without guilt following you around.

Like many gardeners, you love your garden as well as the birds that flock to your home. The problem is, how can you enjoy the birds in your yard and protect your trees at the same time? Here are some great ideas you should look into:

apple orchard

Ripe apple orchard

Some Ideas For Keeping Birds Away From Your Fruit

Get Fine-Mesh Bird Netting:

This is a great way to deal with many kinds of birds reaping havoc on your trees. Just drape the bird netting over the tree's canopy, weigh down the ends to the ground and tuck the fruit inside the netting. Make sure to securely tuck the mesh around the fruit to keep birds out. This is an effective way to protect cherry trees and their berries. If you notice berries sticking out, secure the netting or the birds will be able to get the berries.

Also, if you find it difficult to drape the netting over the tree's canopy, construct a frame over the tree and drape the netting over it. Fine-mesh is a great choice for fruit trees and shrubs because it will keep smaller animals, like squirrels, away. Bird netting is available in a heavier material to ward off larger birds but it must be spread over a frame to protect your trees and shrubs from being damaged.

About Reflective Flash Tape:

This is a well-known obstacle for keeping birds away, especially if you choose holographic tape. Flash tape is the best way to protect apple and cherry trees. The flashing and the shiny surface of the tape will keep birds bewildered so they will not go after your fruit plants. Flashing tape is not particularly effective against larger critters like squirrels or raccoons but is very effective for keeping small birds away.

Pie Tins:

Pie tins have been used for many years for driving off birds. These tins are not only reflective but when moved or knocked over will make a lot of noise when coming in contact with objects in the vicinity. When suspended from a fishing line, they will make noises caused by breezes and will drive off most birds. Pie tins are a great hindrance for birds that do not scare easily, like mockingbirds.

Eyes Painted On Balloons:

If you paint eyes on balloons, tie them to branches of trees or along fences where fruit shrubs or canes, like raspberries, are growing. Birds will think they are being watched by predators. In some ways, this is like using a scarecrow which is, without a doubt, the oldest method for scaring off birds.

Ripe apples on tree

Apple Tree with Nets

Strobe Lights:

Strobe lights are good alternatives for protecting fruit trees and gardens from animals such as raccoons. The flashing lights will disorient creatures who have entered your garden to steal crops during the night. The downside, using strobe lights could irritate your neighbors. Needless to say, this is not a good choice for most gardeners.

Predator Decoys:

While this is considered one of the best ways to protect your fruit trees and shrubs, it's a great deal more expensive than other methods. Predator decoys are very effective against birds that are afraid of owls and hawks. Keep in mind, larger birds will not be affected by these decoys nor will squirrels or other furry thieves stop entering your garden.

Bird Distress Signals & Predator Noises:

If you have speakers and can set them near your fruit trees and bushes, you might be able to protect your crops using this approach. You will have to place your speakers around the area and set the sounds to turn on and off. This might be a good option if you do not want tapes and nets all around your yard.

Apple Tree in Fall

Apple Tree with Ripe Apples

Miniature Pinwheels & Windmills:

The spinning blades of small windmills or the movements of pinwheels can disturb birds. Pinwheels and windmills should be mounted around your fruit trees on poles 6 to 10 feet tall. You should regularly move them around or relocate them so birds do not become familiar with them. This works best if your pinwheels and windmills have a metallic-looking surface.

Offer An Alternative Food Source:

Once again, if you do not want a lot of objects like netting, bird nets, and other distracting items on your fruit trees, and bushes, hang a suet feeder or place bird feed elsewhere to keep birds away from your fruit trees and bushes. The benefit, you can enjoy birds that have come to your yard without worrying about them stealing your fruit.

Everyone who has a garden and enjoys watching birds while sitting on their patios or porches realizes how difficult it can be to protect their fruit trees and bushes. In this article, you are given some great ideas for protecting your fruit trees and bushes from birds without losing the peace and quiet you have come to enjoy in your yard. Not every option will work for you but you should find one that will protect your crops from birds while still enjoying nature. Protecting your crops is not as difficult as you might think.