Garden Hail Netting


Our Garden Hail Netting is a knitted, rip-stop, high-density polyethylene net used to protect your garden from hail damage. The netting can be used for a variety of plants in your garden, especially ones susceptible to hail damage. The netting can be installed on hoops, arches, or other framed supports and can also be draped directly over grape vines, fruit trees, blueberry bushes and row crops. The garden hail netting has an estimated lifespan of 7-10 growing seasons. In addition to hail protection, it also acts as a bird netting.


  • Brand: Plantra
  • Size: Various
  • Material:  HDPE
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  • Material = Knitted, rip-stop, high density polyethylene
  • Mesh size = 4mm x 7mm (.16in x .28in)
  • Mesh pattern = Rectangle
  • Color = Green
  • Shade Factor (calculated with material perpendicular to direct solar angle) = 20%
  • Expected Field Life = Super Premium Gauge = 7-10 Seasons*

Note: Seasons* refers to the 4-8 week ripening period just before harvest when netting is best used. Seasonal netting is intended to be removed at harvest and stored out of the sun in a dry location until the next use.


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How To Protect Your Garden From Hailstorms

Gardeners have an incredible passion for creating and caring for their gardens. After years of work, most gardeners have honed their skills and created amazing masterpieces. Due to nature, gardeners face many challenges to secure their gardens from natural threats like hailstorms and are constantly on the lookout for products to help them protect their hard work.

Hailstorms can strike very quickly without any warnings. What started as rain turned into destructive pellets of ice tearing up everything in its path. In this article, we will introduce you to garden hail netting which can turn things around and keep your hard work protected. When hail forms, it can destroy your garden in a matter of minutes. Your investment in time and hard work will be rewarded once you start using hail netting in your garden.

What Hail Netting Is

Hail netting is a fabric made from strong synthetic materials such as polyethylene or nylon. It’s made specifically to protect plants from the devastating results of ice pellets or hailstones.

This netting offers more than protection, it will give you continuous productivity in your gardens.

Man with hail in hands

Farmer with Hail from Netting

Is Hail Netting A Necessary Investment?

Although this fabric is known for its protective properties, it goes well beyond that. Hail netting absorbs the impact of hail and prevents damage to your plants, fruits, and flowering plants and bushes. Your gardens will remain beautiful and sound while assuring your produce will be marketable.

Creates A Stable Microclimate

Hail netting will help to create a more controlled environment that’s favorable to plant growth.

Choosing The Right Hail Netting

There are a few things you need to think about before choosing the right hail netting for your needs.

- The strength of the fabric - choose a UV
- Stabilized weather-resistant material that will be fine for long periods of time in the elements.
- Make sure the mesh size is small enough to block hail but large enough to let in air, light, and pollinators for the plants.
- The netting should be large enough to cover the area but allowing some more material in case you change the garden’s layout or you discover you need to cover more ground than you expected.


Installing hail netting plays a big part in how effective the material will be in protecting your crops.The Framework must be strong enough to support the netting. The best materials are wood, metal, and PVC pipes. The structure must be tall enough to ensure the netting will not come in contact with plants. The structure could have some hail which will land on the plants.

Attach the netting to the structure with clips, staples, or ties. Make sure the netting is taut enough so there won’t be any sagging but just enough give to absorb the pressure from the hail. Create the structure so you will have access to perform jobs including weeding, pruning, and harvesting. You want to be sure your netting will last a long time and perform properly so keep up with maintenance.

Installing Hail Protection

Hail Protection Installation

Check on a regular basis for any wear and tear, especially after a serious storm. Clean the netting og any debris, leaves, or dirt that has accumulated. You want the netting to allow in light moisture. Unless the netting will remain in place, when it’s time to come down store it in a dry cool location that is free of sunlight so it won’t degrade.

Customize For Different Garden Shapes & Designs

As the layout of plants can vary some customization might be in order. For vegetable gardens, you will need lighter and more flexible netting that can be easily lifted for daily maintenance. For orchards and vineyards, you will need large, stronger netting to cover more ground. You need to protect your crops from hail as well as wildlife and birds.

Plants in flower beds could benefit from using a netting with finer mesh as long as sunlight can get to the plants. As technology advances, so will the levels of protection. There are advanced systems that immediately kick in and protect gardens without any help from you.

Hail on Netting

Netting with Hail

There are hail nettings with irrigation systems ensuring your plants get needed water without your help. Having netting in your garden will not only protect your garden but will help to maintain your plants. Your garden can reduce evaporation and runoff for better use of water which is important for areas that experience dry spells or droughts.

Because hail netting is a barrier, you will not need to apply chemical pesticides as often. You will have the peace of mind that your garden will be healthier. and more natural environment.

Individual and Corporate Applications

Hail netting is also an excellent choice for commercial gardens so produce makes it to the market riper and healthier than ever before.

The Added Benefits

Using hail netting will reduce the llevel of crops damaged by hail, giving the farmer a much higher yield. This netting allows for a consistant supply of fresh produce and greater earnings.

In A Nutshell

Garden hail netting gives farmers an innovative way to protect their hard work from unforeseen occurrences contributed by nature. Understanding and paying attention to the properties found in hail netting will help you find the right product for your needs. Installation and maintenance contribute to fortifying the garden and its survival.

Through continual refinement and innovative improvements will keep manufacturers busy for some time to come. Hail netting’s role in sustainability and productivity will keep this product at the front of the line for protecting crops along with its many benefits including the safety of the environment.

Hail Netting Protected Plants

Garden with Hail Netting