Raspberry Netting


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Our Raspberry Netting is a HDPE, commercial grade netting used to protect your raspberry bushes from bird damage. These nets are available in 3 grades: Easy Fit, Flex Premium, and Flex Super Premium. The Raspberry Netting has built in UV stabilizers and is a easy on plants with its non-abrasive knitted yarn. It is applied from bags, not from rolls, spools, or cores. This netting is more flexible and easier to handle than extruded plastic nets.


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  • Size: Various
  • Material:  HDPE
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  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) knitted yarns
  • CIBA Specialty Chemicals used for UV stabilization
  • Rip-stop construction makes for strong netting
  • Natural green color blends in with vines and other plants
  • Premium netting can last 3 or more growing seasons
  • Super Premium nets can last 6 or more growing seasons
  • Non-abrasive knitted mesh is easy on grapes, berries, etc
  • More flexible and easier to handle than extruded plastic nets
  • Applied from bags - no rolls, spools or cores


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How To Protect Raspberries From Birds

You've worked long and hard caring for your garden and looking forward to batches of raspberries to enjoy but quickly discovered birds have beaten you to it. Birds will eat up your berries in little to no time. Research has shown that every year at least 2% of these berries are destroyed by your winged friends. The upside, you can stop the madness with a little incentive but first, you have to understand the destruction caused by birds.

The Damages To Raspberries Caused By Birds

Birds will cause a great deal of damage to your raspberries because they cannot resist the ripe, juicy flavor they get from all sorts of berries.

The destruction of raspberries caused by birds includes:

• Hopping around and eating them will cause the berries to fall to the ground and because birds peck berries in order to eat them, the berries are punctured and ruined.
• Birds hop around when eating the berries causing them to fall to the ground.
• In order to eat, bids will puncture the berries.
• Birds will leave half-eaten berries behind.

bird with berry in beak

Bird with Berry In its Beak

Do All Birds Eat Raspberries?

Not all birds are interested in berries so keep an eye out for larger birds like pigeons that will eat a lot of berries. Smaller birds, like finches, will destroy them by pecking and puncturing the berries.

Birds You Should Watch Out For:

• Robins
• Warblers
• Starlings
• Blue Jays
• Thrushes
• And the list goes on

How To Protect Your Raspberries

There are several methods you can use to protect your berries from birds Consider some of the following options:

Reflective Flash Tape will scare off birds. The tape is reflective and made from a glossy material that flutters in the wind. This sends a message to birds flying overhead that there is a lot of activity going on by the tree. Birds will show caution and avoid the area including gardens and trees.

The Upside Choosing Flash Tape:

• Unobtrusive
• It's Cheap
• Environmentally Friendly

The Downside of Choosing Flash Tape:

• If the approaching birds are hungry, they will risk getting near the tape.
• Over time, birds will get used to and ignore the flash tape.
• You might consider erecting a scarecrow serving as a human predator but sooner or later, they will figure that out too.

All said, your best line of defense is placing a fake predator near berries like humans, birds of prey, or snakes. For the best results, make sure you move the fake images around regularly.

Install A Birdbath:

In general, birds are attacking your berries for the juice because they are thirsty. Giving them a source of water, they might ignore the berries. If your birdbath has a fountain, the sound will entice the birds.

Keep in mind, if the birds are hungry, they will go after your raspberries so you should give them food.

Install A Bird Feeder:

If you place a bird feeder near your raspberries, there's a good chance they will ignore the berries and go for the food.

Pros - There are two sides to the coin. You might control the insect populations or attract them to the bird feeder.

Cons - Birds will return to your raspberries if the feeder is not kept full. A bird feeder will attract more birds. Other areas where berries are grown will be eaten.

Bowl of Raspberries

Raspberries in Bowl

Grow Enough Berries For One And All

The bottom line, you are going to experience losses, so grow enough berries to accommodate you and a little more for the birds. Both you and the birds will be satisfied.

Look Into Bird Netting

Without a doubt, bird netting is probably the best way to protect your raspberries from birds. Scaring tactics will work for a short period of time but on the other hand, exclusion is a very effective technique. If birds are stealing your raspberries, your bird netting will keep your berries safe and the birds away. If you drape bird netting over the raspberry bushes, the birds will not be able to get to the berries and eat them. Once the berries are protected, the birds will move on to another area for tasty treats. Bird netting is a fabric mesh that offers several advantages including airflow for your crops. Bird netting will also provide shade for the berries.

Row of Raspberry bushes

Raspberry Bushes

The Upside:

• Birds cannot reach the majority of your berries.
• Bird netting is not expensive and will last for many years.

The Downside:
• If you do not get the right size netting, small birds might be able to get in and eat the berries.
• Berries not covered will be eaten.

For The Best Results

There are several methods for protecting your raspberries. It takes a good amount of time to grow the berries and keeping them safe is very important. As mentioned, bird netting is probably the best choice. If you do not apply good protection, it will cost you a lot of money caused by the losses. Consider all your options before making a decision. In the long run, you will have a great harvest year after year.

In A Nutshell

There are many methods you can use to protect your raspberries from the invasion of birds. You might prefer using scare tactics such as scarecrows, flashing tape, balloons with painted eyes, images of snakes, or go for bird netting for the best results. Take note of the kinds of birds that are attracted to berries and find out which tactics will serve you best. Bird feeders and bird baths will deter some of their activities but you must maintain them on a regular basis. If you live near a zoo, stop by and ask the keepers in the aviary area if they can give you some help about birds that love eating berries. If you are not by a zoo, visit a reputable shop that sells birds and has an excellent grasp of bird species. You might just get some really good information.

Ripe Raspberries on Bush

Ripe Bush of Raspberries