Tree Planting Tubes - 24"


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Our Tree Planting Tubes are used to protect tree seedlings from being damaged or eaten. These flat sheets (slit tube design) and are manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene. The tubes can be easily formed into a cylinder shape with releasable zip ties (included). The tube has permanent venting and a diameter of 4.15" and are UV stabilized for 5-7 years of exposure.

The tree planting tubes can be used for vineyards, berry plants, evergreen trees, tomato plants as well as additional planting applications. They can be easily moved and reused elsewhere.

***Minimum Order Requirement is 100 Units.***

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Stakes and bird net not included.


  • Brand: TreePro
  • Size: Various
  • Material:  Polypropylene
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  • Rigid, Single-wall design with a seam down one side
  • 100% Recycled Polyethylene (milk jug plastic) Slit Tube
  • UV Stabilized for 5 to 7 years
  • Tab Flared Top to protect seedling from sharp edges
  • Tube diameter of 4.15" (allows connecting multiple protectors for larger diameter)
  • Permanent Venting- Vents start half way up to allow herbicide spray around the base
  • Releasble UV Treated Zip Ties included
  • Mesh Bird Net at no additional cost upon request for 48” and taller


  • Made of HDPE (#2 plastic)
  • 3/8" Vent and tie placement holes
  • UV Stabilized for 5-7 years
  • Includes releasable zip ties

Tree Planting Tubes For Trees' Growth And Survival Through Reforestation

Projects like reforestation are extremely important for restoring biodiversity, combating climate change, and improving air quality. Young trees and saplings face many environmental challenges that can threaten their very existence.

Horticulturists to Arborists, are continually on the lookout for answers to protect trees and let them grow and thrive in their natural surroundings or on private land. Tree planting tubes, also known as tree shelter grow tubes, are simple but very effective answers to the challenges trees face every day.

This article will go over what tree planting tubes are, the different kinds of tubes, their benefits, how to use them, and the practices used to ensure the trees will grow and thrive.

About Tree Planting Tubes

These tubes are cylinders made from various materials to protect saplings as they grow. The tubes offer a controlled microenvironment that increases survival and growth rate.

The Benefits Of Tree Planting Tubes

Protection From Wildlife: The tubes protect young saplings from being eaten or damaged by wildlife including deer, rodents, and other creatures in the wild.

Microclimate: The microclimate inside the tube will protect the sapling from damaging winds, and extreme temperatures, and retain moisture. These factors will improve the survival of these young trees and promote faster growth.

Growing Tree Saplings

Tree Saplings Growing

Support Structure: The tubes work like stakes to help the sapling grow straight and tall. This is beneficial in windy conditions or on sloping areas of land.

Weed Challenges: The tubes do not let in a lot of light at the tree's base so weeds can't grow therefore pulling weeds is not an issue.

Protection From Chemicals: When herbicides are applied in the area, the tubes will protect the saplings from drifting spray.

Different Kinds Of Tree Planting Tubes

Biodegradable Tubes: These particular tubes will break down naturally over time. You do not have to remove the tubes and there will not be any impact on the environment.

Non-Biodegradable Tubes: These tubes are made from strong plastics. They provide long-lasting protection and are a great choice for harsh outside conditions.

Mesh Tubes: The tubes are made from a flexible net material. The tubes offer good air circulation and are a great choice for less severe environments.

Choosing The Right Tree Planting Tubes

To select the right tree planting tubes you have to take into consideration a few factors first.

The Environmental Factors: What are the leading issues in your area? Do you have extreme temperatures, numerous wildlife, or high winds? This information will help you choose the right tubes for your project.

Species Of Trees: Some trees grow faster than others. If that's the case, you need larger more durable tubes.

Biodegradable vs Non-biodegradeable Tubes: Decide if you will be willing to return to the area and remove non-biodegradable tubes after the trees have been established. If not, you need biodegradable tubes.

Tree Planting Tube Installation

The correct installation is important if you want all the benefits these tubes can offer.

Preparation Of The Site: Clear the area by removing weeds and debris around each planting area to reduce competition and make sure the tubes sit firmly in place.

Planting The Tree: Follow the directions for planting saplings. Make sure the roots are spread and the spoil is packed firmly.

Install The Tube: Place the tube over the sapling. Make sure the tube covers the entire stem and some of the lower leaves. Secure the tube using stakes to secure the tube if it's not self-supporting. Make sure the stakes are outside the tube to prevent any damage to the sapling.

Man Planting Trees

Planting a Tree in a Park


Inspect Regularly: Inspect the tubes regularly for any signs of damage, constrained growth, moisture, or other abnormal problems.

Make Adjustments: As the saplings start growing, raise the tube or use a larger one.

Care And Maintenance: Care is critical as the saplings start to grow for healthy growth.

Supply Water: Saplings need watering, especially in dry conditions. Water directly into the tube to prevent evaporation.

Control Weeds: You have to watch for weed growth around the tube and remove them.

Monitor Regularly: Check for signs of disease or pests and take of it quickly.

Trees with Tree Tubes

Trees with Tree Tubes for Protection

Tube Management

As the trees start to grow, they will outgrow the tubes.

Remove The Tubes: If the tubes are biodegradable, they will disintegrate. If you have non-degradable tubes, remove them once the trees seem able to withstand the elements on their own.

Continued Monitoring: Continue to monitor the tree making sure it is stable and healthy. For additional support, use stakes or ties

In Conclusion

For forestry and environmental concerns, tree planting tubes are essential. These tubes will improve the healthy growth of young trees and increase their survival rates. Understanding different kinds of tree planting tubes, learning how to install them correctly, performing regular maintenance, and monitoring their growth you can watch them grow.

This simple, effective technology supports the efforts to reforest, deal with climate change, and restore natural habitats Whether you are an arborist, a professional landscaper and forester, a part of your community group, or a landowner, using tree planting tubes for your planting projects can make all the difference. With a little work, you will grow beautiful trees and discover lasting benefits for a healthy environment enjoyed by future generations to come.