Tree Pro Tubes - 24"


Our Tree Pro Tubes are used to protect tree seedlings from being damaged or eaten. These flat sheets (slit tube design) and are manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene. The tubes can be easily formed into a cylinder shape with releasable zip ties (included). The tube has permanent venting and a diameter of 4.15" and are UV stabilized for 5-7 years of exposure.

The tree pro tubes can be used for vineyards, berry plants, evergreen trees, tomato plants as well as additional planting applications. They can be easily moved and reused elsewhere.

***Minimum Order Requirement is 100 Units.***

Available in 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 48", 60", and 72" height options. View All Products >

Stakes and bird net not included.


  • Brand: TreePro
  • Size: Various
  • Material:  Polypropylene
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  • Rigid, Single-wall design with a seam down one side
  • 100% Recycled Polyethylene (milk jug plastic) Slit Tube
  • UV Stabilized for 5 to 7 years
  • Tab Flared Top to protect seedling from sharp edges
  • Tube diameter of 4.15" (allows connecting multiple protectors for larger diameter)
  • Permanent Venting- Vents start half way up to allow herbicide spray around the base
  • Releasble UV Treated Zip Ties included
  • Mesh Bird Net at no additional cost upon request for 48” and taller


  • Made of HDPE (#2 plastic)
  • 3/8" Vent and tie placement holes
  • UV Stabilized for 5-7 years
  • Includes releasable zip ties

Tree Pro Tubes Are Perfect For Exceptional Growth While Protecting Young Trees

If you are involved in forestry, landscaping, or agriculture, you know protecting young trees is critical for their survival and the environment. Tree Pro Tubes are very popular by offering shelter for trees. These tubes are very effective against environmental threats that harm trees.

In this article, we will look into the advantages found for using Tree Pro Tubes. You will learn how to use them, how to choose the right tubes for your needs. Learn how to install and maintain these tubes properly.

Why You Should Use Tree Pro Tubes

Tree Pro Tubes are created to protect young trees from wildlife, damage, and serious environmental conditions. These tubes will increase the life of young trees.

The Benefits Found In Tree Pro Tubes

Deer, rabbits, and other animals will eat the leaves and buds on trees, trample them into the ground, and kill young trees.

• Tree Pro Tubes form a physical barrier preventing animals from reaching these saplings and young trees.
• Microclimate in tree pro tubes provides a healthy climate for saplings. Your plants will receive higher levels of humidity, warmer conditions to promote better establishment, and experience exceptional growth. 
• Tree Pro Tubes serve as a physical barrier to prevent weeds from getting to the base of the tree. Sapling will not go without needed water and nutrients. 
• These tubes will shield saplings and young trees from herbicides found in sprays as well as other chemicals for treating the surrounding area.

Field with Trees in Tree Tubes

Tree Tubes on Saplings

The Different Kinds Of Tree Pro Tubes

Tree Pro Tubes come in a variety of choices for different environmental conditions and plants.

Ventilated Tubes: Tube ventilation is created by holes to provide good airflow to prevent the build-up of humidity and heat when the temperature is high.

Pros - These tubes prevent overheating while reducing the chances of fungal disease.

Cons – There is less insulation when the temperature is colder. This is probably not a good choice if you live in a colder climates.

Solid Tubes: This is the best choice for protecting plants from the cold. If you live in harsh weather conditions, this is an ideal choice. These solid tubes offer a stable microclimate that greatly boosts early growth.

Pros – Superb protection from cold and frost.

Cons - If not carefully monitored, these tubes can overheat in hotter climates.

Biodegradable Tubes: The tubes are made from materials created to break down over time. These tubes are environmentally friendly, eliminating the need to remove them. You will not need labor and disposal charges saving on costs.

Pros – naturally decomposes and is Eco-friendly.

Cons – They are more expensive and their lifespan varies depending on the climate.

Choosing The Right Tree Pro Tubes

What to consider before making a purchase:

The Environment – Find out what your local climate and animal population is. Select a tube that offers good protection and ventilation based on where you live.

Species of Trees – Some trees are more susceptible such as:

If less environmental impact is important to you, biodegradable tubes are probably your best choice.


Following the right installation practices is critical for the success of Tree Pro Tubes protecting and supporting young trees.

Site Preparation:

You have to clear the area of weeds and debris before installing the tubes. It will help to prevent insects from nesting near the base of the sapling and improve the plant's growth.


Follow horticultural advice for planting the sapling. Make sure the root system is well situated and the soil is firmly packed down around the base.

Tree Growing through Tree Tube

Trees with Tree Tube

Place The Tube:

Place the tube carefully making sure it's straight and covers the entire sapling adequately. The tube should extend several inches into the soil to prevent insects from moving in.

Secure The Tube:

Use either stakes or ties to secure it, especially in windy conditions where tubes could become dislodged.

Tree Tubes in Snow

Tree Tubes in Snow Field

Maintenance And Care: Regular maintenance is critical for the tubes to protect and encourage young trees properly.

Look For Damage – Regularly inspect the tubes for any signs of damage and replace them when needed.

Make Adjustments – As the young tree grows, make sure it's not constricted by the tube, Therefore, adjust or replace the tube when needed.

Monitor – Check the internal condition of the tube especially during extreme weather. You can adjust the tube's position or add or remove the ventilation as required.

In Conclusion

These tubes are remarkable tools for increasing the survival rate and growth of young trees.

Make sure to choose the right kind of tube, install it properly, and perform regular maintenance. This will ensure the sapling will grow into a healthy, strong tree. You can support your planting practices while contributing to a healthy more sustainable environment.